Counteraction #1

Friends! An important day has come for us to switch from words to actions. Unfortunately, words only cannot be sufficient to fight evil. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”, so we decided to act. We hit the system of information created in the Internet by George Soros. The following resources being funded by the world globalist were attacked:





It is we who are responsible for the defacement of the websites, deletion of data (you can see a part of SQL-databases from https://www.austausch.org with logins and hashes

[*] admin, 0b31d2f2c34f60e1749dbe80933cb7a6
[*] hanno.gundert, bcc982c1a32668121c1a6cd1bdc1b977
[*] stiftung, bcc982c1a32668121c1a6cd1bdc1b977
[*] admin0, bcc982c1a32668121c1a6cd1bdc1b977
[*] stefan.melle, bcc982c1a32668121c1a6cd1bdc1b977
[*] dra2, 0ec8bc01bff4b85f5b4efd4eefb222c4
[*] assistenz, 0849a3016b2a204a3a87ecf559174db2
[*] bettina.bofinger, bcc982c1a32668121c1a6cd1bdc1b977
[*] assistenz1, bcc982c1a32668121c1a6cd1bdc1b977
[*] robert.sperfeld, bcc982c1a32668121c1a6cd1bdc1b977
[*] evelyn.scheer, bcc982c1a32668121c1a6cd1bdc1b977
[*] susanne.mueller, bcc982c1a32668121c1a6cd1bdc1b977
[*] andrea.gotzes, e828eafebbf91152934a25a6f57ca895
[*] assistenz2, bcc982c1a32668121c1a6cd1bdc1b977
[*] redaktion.nl, bcc982c1a32668121c1a6cd1bdc1b977
[*] tom, 34766808f393ece059ae74137dbfd89c
[*] adminmm, 59986ccfaec55afd013851df57471312.)

and propagation of CryptoLockers. We are responsible for the DDos attack against these sites which is underway. We are addressing you, our friends. Join us in our fight against globalism and the man by whom it is impersonated – George Soros! Together we will win!

We urge once again those who have received our warning letters to stop cooperating with George Soros.

We are Anonymous! We are Legion! We will not forget, nor forgive!

1 thought on “Counteraction #1

  1. You might be surprised that neither austausch nor csf ever recieved any kind of support by any Soros-related institutions. Get your facts straight next time. Even if they did, they’d probably do a better job at making this world a friendly place than you with your mislead trolling-attempts to fuel antisemitism, nationalism, hatred and mischief in this world. You have nothing in common with what Anonymous once stood for – an open society of equals.
    Try to take a deep breath and relax instead.

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