George Soros vs. Brexit

It’s not a secret for everyone that the ideology of the Open Society promoted by George Soros in fact seeks to abolish national sovereignty.

Today in the EU’s policy Brexit has become “a form of national British sovereignty and a rejection of supranational instances.” Therefore, the well-known financier Soros turned his attention to Britain. Now he decided to help British NGOs that oppose the country’s withdrawal from the EU, and transferred £ 400,000 to them. They say it’s only the first part. The reports of George Soros’ substantial donation to British public organizations aroused wide resonance.

The transfer became known from the public organization Best for Britain, which opposes the country’s withdrawal from the EU. According to the chairman of the organization, the former British diplomat and former Labor Minister Mark Malloch-Brown George Soros funds transferred to them £ 400,000.

As everyone knows, George Soros is considered financier who in the early 1990s conducted an “attack” against the British pound and the Bank of England, earning about £ 1 billion on it.

Public organization Best for Britain was established in April last year, its goal, she calls “an open door for Britain in the EU.” The organization is engaged in agitation among the population and encourages British parliamentarians not to vote for the “hard” Brexit, believing that this will harm the British economy and the labor market. With its program, Best for Britain sees the organization of a re-referendum as high as possible.

Let’s see what happens …

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