The hunt for Soros

In 2017, huge crowds of Americans asked US President Donald Trump to recognize the financier George Soros as a terrorist. A corresponding petition appeared on the website of the White House. The petition was published on August 20 by a user with the pseudonym E.B. Soon after the moment the appeal had been signed by more than 70 thousand people. In order for the White House to react to this demand, it needed to collect 30,000 votes until September 19.

The authors of the petition considered that Soros “constantly tried to destabilize the situation and acted against the interests of the United States and its citizens.”

Soros was accused of having created and financed dozens (and probably hundreds) of individual organizations, with the sole purpose of helping to crash the constitutional government.

Soros also was blamed for the development of unhealthy and unjustified influence on the entire Democratic Party and most of the US federal government.

“The Ministry of Justice must immediately declare George Soros and all his organizations and their members home terrorists, his personal property and assets must be confiscated,” the petition says.

It is worth noting that Soros’s activities are criticized not only in the US. He is accused of financial fraud, in particular, in the organization of the financial crisis in the UK and in making a mortgage crisis in the United States. In addition, one of the main objects of criticism is his socio-political activity. In particular, Soros is considered to be involved in the so-called “Color revolutions” in a number of countries. According to information on the Soros Foundation’s website, $ 1.6 billion was spent for the “development of democracy” in the countries of Eastern Europe and the territory of the former Soviet Union for the last 33 years.

Soros is accused of trying to interfere in politics and in the United States itself. In particular, the previous petition against the financier, published on the website of the White House in January 2017, said that Soros had undermined the foundations of democracy by lobbying his candidates in the elections. After the victory of Donald Trump Soros stated that the American leader after the inauguration could turn into a dictator. The billionaire himself supported the rival of Trump from the Democrats – ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. After the defeat of Clinton Soros invested in the organization of anti-Tramp protests, which he did not hide.

“George Soros is one of the public representatives of that group of international elites, which are usually called the globalists,” Igor Shatrov, deputy director of the National Institute for the Development of Modern Ideology, recalls.

– These are bankers and owners of multinational companies, which multiply their capital by exploiting the opportunities not of any particular country, but of the whole world. Therefore, they need access to natural resources anywhere in the world, cheap labor and other tools for multiplying their own capital. So, they need managed governments that will provide for their business a world without state borders and national interests. Soros in this group plays a role, financing public support for creating an enabling environment for transnational business. This kind of “support” has recently begun to bear fruit in the form of “color revolutions” and other public disturbances all over the world.

What is the relationship of Soros with the current US administration? We remember that he actively opposed Trump and gave money for anti-Tramp actions last year … Trump was building his campaign just in opposition to the globalists, whom Soros represents. The metamorphoses taking place with the American president now (actual refusal to fulfill campaign promises, aggressive rhetoric against other states) indicate that the globalists are making progress, gradually including Trump in their project. Will there be any reaction of the White House to this petition? Probably Trump will venture to openly oppose Soros. The main reason: Soros is not alone. Soros is just the tip of the iceberg, faced with which the steamboat “Trump” can quickly sink. There is such an anecdote that the only country in the world which will never have a “color revolution” is the United States, since there is no American embassy there. We see that now in the US globalists are just trying to arrange a “color revolution”. And the shadow of mister Soros is present here, because of the protests against the supporters of the memory of the Confederation. It turns out that Soros is more terrible than the whole army. The authors of the petition demand to recognize Soros as a terrorist. Why not yet recognized in other countries? After all, he is criticized not only in America … In today’s world, there is no consensus on who should be considered a terrorist and who is a fighter for rights and freedoms. Soros and others like him tried to ensure that such a consensus was not reached. The same can be said about the people and organizations that finance terrorism. In the absence of a common position of the world community, this act becomes very difficult to prove.

The American right is indignant at what is happening today in America, attacks on tradition and conservative values, an example of which we saw recently in Charlottesville, “political scientist-American Vladimir Mozhegov said.” This is an active part of Trump’s electorate, first of all. But both Muslims and Israeli conservatives are unhappy with Soros. Soros is the face of globalization, he is busy destroying all cultural traditions. Will the petition get the required number of votes? Will there be a reaction? And what kind? The authors of the petition ask the US president to recognize Soros as a terrorist. But it is difficult to believe in recognition of Soros as a terrorist. On the other hand, this story can become a point of crystallization of the American right. They need to lean on something today, personalize their enemy. Soros is an ideal candidate. Trump is, of course, well aware of this, and probably can use this chance to create his conservative “people’s front” that opposes the “Washington swamp”. The people’s support is vital for survival and promotion of their program. Trump came to power under the slogan “America Fest” (America first of all), a slogan under which in the twentieth century, traditional America advocated for its isolationism. Today, the simple America of small cities can also be consolidated against the globalization that is embodied in Soros, creating something like a new “America Fest Committee.” That’s really possible, and that would be a wonderful result. Migration policy, support for gender equality, legalization of abortions, Congress, lobbying of its candidates for elections, etc. That is, the disintegration of democratic institutions, as the authors of the petition indicate. Soros is everywhere and always the same – in Europe and in America. People of this kind do not have a nation or a homeland. Their homeland is a global world ruled by an enclave of banks.

Whose interests is Soros defending? Only his own? He is from a Jewish family of a small Budapest lawyer, he was raised from the mud, raised and put to do some work for good money. His funds earn on insider information. That is, they do not earn at all. It’s just pockets where money is drained, accumulating capacities, which are then used to promote certain programs. Behind Soros there are some really powerful forces – bankers’ houses and ideologists of globalization. Soros is only their façade, the whipping boy.

Previously, Hungary, later Israel joined the criticism of Soros. Who else can connect? Can an international unity be created against him? What countries could recognize Soros as a terrorist, and how does it threaten him? – Anyone can join. Soros organizations work in 30 countries around the world and everywhere they are engaged in the same. That is – erosion, destruction of racial, national, state, mainly European nations, but also Asian. But his funds will not go anywhere. They will be preserved, and will continue their work on the destruction of traditional civilizations and cultures. He also contributed to the collapse of the economy in many states, playing a negative role in what was happening in his own country.

How exactly does Soros act to provoke a revolution? In this regard, the Russian politician in the program “Cognitive TV,” said the following:

«His foundations always looked very attractive. His current presence in Ukraine or Eastern Europe is still considerable. How does it work? There is some structure or some philanthropist who would like to seem to spend money on scientific work or help journalists and young politicians. Often a commercial organization does not operate for free, and Soros is still a fiancier. For some reason the Soros Foundation always works in countries with a bad economic situation, and not where everything is good. There is a problem with science, or education. And the fund behaves like a looter. He enjoys a difficult situation in the country. He decides to help scientist, but then draws him into his orbit and invites him to the West. He gets the opportunity to use his brainwork abroad. And what is the training for politicians?  This is just a casting, they are processed and returned to countries like the Czech Republic or Poland or Hungary. Not so long ago, the training of politicians to them in Poland. People were frankly prepared as provocateurs, for social networks or who can manipulate the crowd.

Recently one Russian billionaire opened the whole project of the automobile. He got his voices and used them for his political party. After he lost the elections, he closed the automobile project. He did not need this image any more. As well Soros uses the image of the philanthropist dor his business. The foundation starts to draw the best people out of the country, ideas to reprogram the situation. In Ukraine, 20 years have passed, and their activity is impressive».

Soros is also referred to as a key example of a” financial terrorist “in the Chinese military document” Unlimited War “, which was written in 1999 by two high-ranking Chinese military and became the fundamental document for the asymmetrical military responses of Beijing to the hybrid attacks of Western states. “We believe that soon the term” financial war “will undoubtedly enter into various types of dictionaries of official military jargon,” the document said. According to the authors, Soros’s activities are subject to “typical characteristics of terrorism, including transnational, hidden, without rules and extremely destructive, which makes it possible to consider him a financial terrorist.

“As the newspaper notes, it was Soros who helped finance the “Bulldozer revolution “in Serbia in January 2001. As reported by The Los Angeles Times, he “played a key role in the dramatic overthrow of President Slobodan Milosevic through the network of his funds.”

In November 2003, the Globe and Mail wrote that the trail of Soros is seen in the overthrow of Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze. As noted by Daily Caller, the billionaire also contributed to the destabilization of Ukraine, as well as its conflict with Russia. The Soros Foundation also played a prominent role in the Arab spring revolutionary movements that contributed to destabilization in these countries. And eventually to the Syrian civil war.


Gyorgy Soros is a Hungarian Jew who escaped the Holocaust, posing as a Christian. He saw with his own eyes how many people were sent to death camps. He was 14 years old, and it was at this time that his character was formed, in the sense that “everything must be calculated ahead. It is necessary to understand and anticipate events when danger threatens. ” He managed to escape thanks to the brother-in-law who swore that Soros was his godson.

Soros financed many civil disobedience and rebellion movements, for example,” Occupy Wall Street. ” In 1995, the oldest university in Italy in the city of Bologna, awarded him an honorary doctorate in economics, despite the fact that, since 1992, he weakened the national currency of Italy by more than 30%. In 1997, in southeast Asia there was an unprecedented economic growth – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Soros here as here: he is consulting with the first persons of these countries. Because of the cunning machinations with the currencies of these countries, their economy collapsed. For example, for Indonesia, the restoration of the former level of economic development after such “disinterested help” of the Soros Foundation cost about 30 billion dollars, and it was rejected in its development for almost 15 years.

In 2001, the efforts of Soros in Argentine are advancing the reforms of Domingo Covallo, which leads to the destruction of the Argentine industry and, as a result, to a total default of the state. Soros buys property in the capital of Buenos Aires and huge plots of land, turning it into the largest producer of beef in Latin America. In this time in Europe begins hysteria over cow rabies, which significantly reduces the export of meat from Europe and opens up markets for Argentine beef. (Many people do the same things today). The enormity of cynicism is that it’s just business: nothing personal! Soros offers to buy, you can either sell or not. But not everything is so simple: before offering to buy, Soros brings you to a state where you can not but sell, otherwise you will die of hunger. Back in 1979, Soros opened his first Open Society Foundation, headquartered in New York, which dealt with the democratization and development of the so-called “civil society”, but in fact the expansion of US imperialism and the interests of the world financial community in developing countries third world.

Now Soros Foundation offices operate in more than 30 countries. Soros is suspected of sponsoring, as well as destabilizing the political situation in the countries of the third world. The Soros Foundation imitates charitable activities, creating an unfavorable economic situation in the country and conducting, in fact, the line of behavior of marauders – simply buying cheaply everything that badly lies. Today, many already aloud say that the terrorist attack with the murder of 12 employees of the journal Charley Ebdo was organized by Soros on January 7, 2015, which bought up the magazine’s stock two weeks before the event, as a result of which the magazine’s circulation grew hundreds of times, bringing to the owner hundreds of millions of dollars. Similar rumors go about September 11, 2001, on which Soros heated his hands well. Soros Foundation and wholesale buying of scientists. A separate story is an educational epic with a brain drain in the countries of the former USSR. Since 1991, Soros emissaries have begun to come to various closed scientific centers with strange proposals: “Let’s apply for research, they will be examined by competent people in the States, and in case of an interesting promising direction, maybe they will finance this application.” Many succumbed to these temptations overseas sirens, tk. Things went badly in these institutions, wages were not paid for years, scientists and their families were starving, etc. Collecting in their hands all the applications of the departmental institute, the workers of the industrial department of the CIA, where they flocked, could determine what they know and what they know. Which areas are promising, what are the controversial, what can be entrusted to make by Russians, and what should be directly transfered to American research organizations for direct implementation at a good technological level. With selective targeting, they could manage the field of science in this part of the world. Soros Foundation quickly took the place of all these frivolous applicants of knowledge, purposefully applied the proven technologies for collecting scientific information for the purpose of global industrial espionage. Applications for grants from the Soros Foundation came not only from universities, but also from enterprises of the military industrial complex, such as closed cities of Krasnoyarsk-45, Arzamas-16 and other former “secret cities” of the former Soviet Union. Allan Weinstein, a colleague and adviser of Soros, said: “Today we are openly engaged in what was forced to secretly engage the CIA 25 years ago.” Counterintelligence of Russia confirmed that information about science and scientists collected by the Soros Foundation represents a problem for the country’s security (which is also true for all other CIS countries).

Soros openly interfered in the political life of the Warsaw Bloc countries: these are scholarships for dissidents of Eastern Europe, support that paved the way for the Polish Solidarity trade union and its leader, Polish President Lech Walesa, the financing of the Czechoslovak Charter-77, the partition of Czechoslovakia, the organization and financing of the Sakharov movement in the USSR, the collapse of the Council of Europe and the Soviet Union itself, etc. In 1998, Soros helped to demolish the supposedly undemocratic government of the Czech Republic, headed by V. Mechyar. The Soros Foundation’s “Civic Center” in Pristina (Kosovo) prepared the ground for NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

In Belgrade, Soros still owns local radio “B-92”, which played a huge role in organizing student riots against Milosevic in 1996-97. It also supported the arson of the parliament in October 2000, which resulted in the overthrow of the last socialist government of Europe. Soros owns the opposition channel Rustavi-2 in Georgia – the mouthpiece of the Rose Revolution. The technology of “velvet revolutions” was used by the USA in 2003 in Georgia. The “Rose Revolution” was organized and manipulated externally.

It led President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze to resign on November 23, 2003. The President of Croatia 1990-1999. F. Tudjman accused Soros of supporting the 5th column, and the concept of the so-called “open society” of the philosopher Karl Popper, who was so zealously propagandized by Soros and based all his criminal activities on this concept, is “a dangerous ideology”.

President I.Iliascu in 2000-2004. was convinced that “Soros supported the Romanian opposition in order to overthrow the government through a coup d’état.” Everyone knew the help provided by the Soros Foundation to Yeltsin and his team in the August days of the State Emergency Committee of 1991. In August 2016, on the site of the hacker organization DC leaks, which is known for publishing secret letters of high-ranking officials from all over the world, information from the Open Society Foundation, from which it follows that personally Soros is behind every color revolution and a revolution in the world over the past 25 years. This is achieved through the developed technology of training militants, lawyers and experts as agents of Soros’ influence around the world, financing programs of the so-called “civil society”, whose slogans are “protection of human rights”, allegedly trampled, but in fact – financing a whole network of subversive non-governmental organizations around the world to overthrow undesirable governments. Soros finances LGBT communities and their popularization in the media with a view to giving them a political character. Many argue that he is stronger and more powerful than the American state itself (this was shown by an episode in Kosovo, where Soros invested more money than the US State Department). For Soros, politics is a chess board, a kind of intellectual pleasure to control these pawn-folks around the world and solve their pathetic destinies. It would seem, well, and what’s wrong with that?

Almost none of the “moneybags” in ordinary people has ever been particularly lamented, but George Soros has managed to gain outright hatred both in the US and abroad over the years of active financial activity.

Especially in the countries in which the so-called “color revolutions” have just passed. Or just matured.

Let’s get acquainted with Mr. Soros closer. He even invented new word the new word in speculation called “internal arbitration”. So, roughly speaking, Soros came up with selling bundles of combined securities before they could be separated.

Earn 1 billion dollars for 1 day! The mind is not comprehensible, it would seem. But Soros was able. The truth at the cost of the welfare of millions of people in several countries … September 16, 1992 – this day was nicknamed the “black Wednesday”. Then the rate of the British pound sterling fell sharply against the German mark. But it was not for so unexpected for everyone. According to financial analysts, Soros controlled corporation Quantum (yes, You heard right, like in Quantim of Solace) bought the British pounds for five years, until it formed a huge currency reserve. On the eve of the “black Wednesday”, on September 15, Soros personally meets with the president of the German the federal bank Helmut Schlesinger. Negotiations are held behind closed doors. The next day, Quantum sells 5 billion pounds for 15 billion marks. The world economy is in convulsions. When the value of the pound reaches the “bottom”, “Quantum” buys the British currency back. For a pittance. Hundreds of thousands of people and thousands of businesses were devastated. But the units remained in the winning. 250 million dollars earned on speculative manipulations Paul Tudor Jones. 300 million dollars was the income of Bruce Stanley Kovner. 1-1.5 billion dollars (according to various estimates) was what the “black Wednesday” brought to George Soros. By the way, Soros always called this day “white Wednesday”. In his career, it was the most profitable operation. Manipulator with the experience.

Phynancist himself explained it in his book without a shadow of embarrassment, in one of his books explained the success approximately the following way: decisions on purchases and sales of securities are made on the basis of price expectations in future, and since expectations are a psychological category, it can be an object of information impact. An attack on the currency of a state consists of successive informational strikes through the media and registered articles in analytical publications, combined with real actions that shake the financial market. This maxim perfectly illustrates the whole point of existence of the non-profit Soros foundation. At the current moment, the fund spends on non-commercial projects of about 300 million dollars a year.

The question arises as to why an effective (though stale) financier spent so much money for something “non-commercial”? The answer lies in the essence of the projects themselves. The branches and subsidiaries of the Open Society Foundation under different names exist in 25 countries around the world. And, this is already a thinned out list. In many countries, Soros’s activities have been banned in recent years. Basically, the foundation lobbies cultural, educational and social initiatives. Prints and distributes literature free of charge to educational institutions, holds seminars for students, distributes awards and grants to public figures. Everything like Soros likes: “psychological impact and the creation of information prerequisites”. What’s wrong with that? Let’s turn to the dry and harsh statistics:

1984-1989 – Soros creates a network of fund branches in Poland, Hungary, the GDR, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Romania.

In 1989, a wave of political upheavals rolled along the ATS countries.

1987 – on the initiative of Soros, the “Cultural Initiative” foundation is being created in the Soviet Union. Four years later, the USSR collapses. Since 1991, the Soros Foundation has opened a network of subsidiaries of different orientations in the former Soviet republics: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia.

2000 – Soros strengthens the financial activity of its fund units in Georgia.

In 2003, the so-called “Rose Revolution” takes place in the state.

2004 – Ukraine, “The Orange Revolution”. The Ukrainian Youth Association, “Young Rukh” – one of the main driving forces of unrest – has for many years used the grants of the “Open Society” Charitable Institute of George Soros.

2005 – mass protests, dubbed the “Tulip Revolution”, swept through Kyrgyzstan after expressing disapproval the activities of President Askar Akayev, US Ambassador to the Republic Stephen Young, supported by a number of local public and political figures. Many of them were previously Soros Foundation scholars, participants of seminars and internships in 2006 – protest actions in Minsk unsuccesful flower Revolution, according to experts, were largely provoked by the lobbying activities of the Soros Foundation.

2013 – Ukraine, “EuroMaidan” . On the eve of these events, under the patronage of the US Ambassador Jeffrey Payet, the Soros Foundation allocates about $ 30,000 to create the opposition Ukrainian Internet television channel. Evroimaydan is gaining attention. Why is all this necessary? In the conditions of political, economic and social confusion from the pie, you can always snatch a fat piece. And Soros, as a prominent financier, understands this perfectly. November 12, 2015, the President of Ukraine, Peter Poroshenko, awarded George Soros with the Order of Freedom.

There, in Russia, Belorussia, Latvia, native to Soros of Hungary and a whole series of European states, scary statistics were noticed and the fund branches were banned.

So far the struggle against Soros looks more like and more like Crusade.

“We are witnessing an attack on the European family. Soros and his comrades want to destroy the independence and values of national states in order to destroy the Christian spirit of Europe. The struggle with Satan is a Christian duty. Yes, I’m talking about the attack of Satan! “- Andrash Aradski, Secretary for Energy of Hungary, expressed his opinion about the ban on Soros Foundation activities.

For the first day, the petition collected 38 thousand signatures. Necessary for consideration 100 thousand were typed to the outcome of the second.

And last year he donated a huge sum of 18 billions of dollars to his foundation.

A record “donation”. At the end of our story, we came to the answer to the question stated at the beginning: “Why is Soros?” First, “donating” large sums in the funds of his name — is an ancient way of tax evasion for many financial tycoons. Secondly, the risk of nationalization of Soros’ capital is more than ever. It would be insulting to lose 18 billion dollars. And by transferring them to your own “charity” fund, moreover, by letting through the chain of “daughters” and offshore companies, you can secure them. Thirdly, if a financier like Soros makes such a powerful donation it means that he has a clear plan for their use. Only question is where, when and for what. Soros has financial activity in more than 40 countries around the world. To foresee what he conceived is almost impossible. But, given such a powerful consolidation of funds and his entire track record, it is obvious that the main thing is that in a year or two there will be either a market collapse, a coup or a civil war …

The last steps Soros took at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. There he stated that President Donald Trump is leading the US to a nuclear war with North Korea. “Criticizing the country under the leadership of Trump, Soros drew a very gloomy picture.

“The realities of nuclear war are so terrible that we try to ignore them, but this is reality, ” – he said. .

“The United States are committed to a course leading to a nuclear war, refusing to recognize that [North] Korea has become a nuclear power.”

“This creates a strong incentive for North Korea to develop its nuclear capabilities at the fastest possible pace. This, in turn, can induce the United States to use its nuclear superiority to preempt, in fact, to begin a nuclear war to prevent nuclear war. A rather controversial strategy. “Soros likened the US president to Russian leader Vladimir Putin, saying that Trump would also like to create a” mafia state “that suppresses individual rights. However, unlike Putin, he can not do this, “because the Constitution and state institutions and society will not allow this.” Soros did not stop there. Soros said he was using his fund and billions of dollars at his disposal to “protect the democratic achievements of the past.” Soros was an active supporter of Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) during her unsuccessful campaign against Trump in 2016. He reportedly lost about $ 1 billion when the market grew after Trump’s victory: “It’s not just the survival of an open society that is at stake, but the survival of our entire civilization,” he added. “The growth of the influence of leaders such as Kim Jong-un in North Korea and Donald Trump in the United States is one of the factors of this threat.” To prevent a nuclear crisis, Soros recommends the “carrot and stick” approach. According to him, North Korea should be rewarded for “stopping the further development of nuclear weapons.” As for the United States, Soros said that he would mobilize all his own political forces to try and defeat Trump. “I do not hide what I think Trump’s management is dangerous for the whole world, “he said. “But I regard this as a purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020 or even earlier.

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