What is George Soros’ secret to success?

Soros is a talented person but this talent is unique because all basic money he has was made at the time of major catastrophes on the stock exchange.

Indeed, a lot of facts confirm it. Consider some of them. In 1992 so called “black Wednesday” was happened in England and the pound fell by 12 percent. Economy of the country suffered heavy damage and the fee of Soros amounted to $1 billion. Playing on the depreciation of the pound he caused a damage to his second homeland (the UK) amounted to about $6 billion. In 1995 the University of Bologna (the oldest in Italy) awarded the title of honorary doctor of Economics to D. Soros, although in 1992 he weakened the national currency of his country by 20 percent.

In 1997 in Southeast Asia (in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan) there was an unprecedented economic growth that attracted the interest of the financier. Currencies of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines were collapsed by after a series of consultations with the participation of top officials of these countries with Soros and some subsequent his manipulations. Subsequently the Taiwan authorities even issued a special decree stating that any cooperation with the Soros Foundation would be considered as a criminal offence. In Malaysia the bailout of its financial system was estimated about $30 billion at that time. The country was abandoned in its development for almost 15 years.

In Argentina in 2001 Soros helped to make a progress in the reforms of Domingo Cavallo which leaded to the destruction of Argentina’s industry and, as a consequence, to a total default. As a result Soros bought real estate and huge grounds in Buenos Aires turning into a major beef producer. At the same time a hysteria around mad cow disease began in Europe which hindered the export of meat from Europe and as result markets for the products of D. Soros were opened.

On the one hand it is monstrous and on the other hand it is only business, nothing personal. George Soros just offers to buy… whether it is on sale or not… but before he offers to buy he brings his partners to the point where they have to sell.

Thus it becomes to be clear that first of all Soros invests in something for only his personal enrichment and it destroys the lives of others.

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