Who’s George Soros?

Maecenas, billionaire, founder of the “Open Society Foundations”. Member of the Executive Committee of the international Crisis Group.

George Soros was born György Schwartz in Budapest in 1930. His family was  Jewish, but Hungary’s pervasive anti-Semitism led them to conceal their religion. In 1936, the family changed their name to Soros for further protection from anti-Semitism. In 1944, Germany occupied Hungarian and immediately began deporting Jews. In those days, George Soros, as a teenager, actually helped the Nazis confiscate the property of Jews in his native Budapest. Many years later, in December 1998, a CBS interviewer would ask Soros whether he had ever felt any guilt about his association with Baumbach during that period. Soros replied: “I was only a spectator … I had no role in taking away that property. So I had no sense of guilt.” (

George Soros today recalls the occupation as “probably the happiest year of my life.” “For me,” he elaborates, “it was a very positive experience. It’s a strange thing because you see incredible suffering around you and the fact you are in considerable danger yourself. But you’re fourteen years old and you don’t believe that it can actually touch you. You have a belief in yourself. You have a belief in your father. It’s a very happy-making, exhilarating experience”.

In 1947 Soros relocated from Hungary to the Great Britain where George graduated the London School of Economics. After that Soros joined the London brokerage firm “Singer and Friedlander”, where he engaged buying securities in one country and selling them in another.  In 1956, he relocated to New York to work as a stock trader on Wall Street. There he found work as a portfolio manager at the investment bank “Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Inc.”, where his career soared to new heights.

In 1969 Soros established “The Double Eagle Fund” for company  “Bleichroeder”. Four years later, Soros and his assistant at “Bleichroeder”, Jim Rogers, set up a private partnership called “Soros Fund Management”. They subsequently changed the Double Eagle Fund’s name to “The Soros Fund”.  The value of fund grew to $1 billion by 1985.

The whole career of George Soros is built on currency fraud and deception.  Profiteering, Soros sabotaged the economies of entire countries. Playing on the difference in exchange rates, Soros conducted attacks on banks in Malaysia and Thailand, provoking a currency crisis in these countries.  In 1998, he even tried to attack Hong Kong’s economy, but fortunately he failed to do so because of the good actions of Hong Kong’s Finance Minister.

In 1979 that Soros began his philanthropy. Five years later he founded the Open Society Foundations (OSF). Soros’s spending rose from $3 million in 1987 to more than $300 million a year by 1992. During this period, he established a series of foundations throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Now Soros’s Open Society Foundations are active in more than 75 countries around the world and the cost of this activity exceeded $ 5 billion.

What does he really need these funds for?

Huge amounts of money made it possible to sponsor color revolutions through non-governmental organizations financed by OSF. With his participation changed power in Eastern European countries, as well as in Georgia and Ukraine. No wonder Petro Poroshenko in November 2015 awarded him the order of Freedom. Soros admitted to following the theory of reflexivity. Its essence is that the market is formed by people who influence political and economic circumstances. In addition, there is an opinion that through these funds, intelligence agencies finance the opposition of countries whose regime does not suit the United States.

And in the end…

It is my hope that, by fully exposing George Soros, people will see that what kind of person he is.

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